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  • Do any shaving and exfoliating 24 hours prior to your appointment, not the day of.  Exfoliating really well ensures a long lasting beautiful tan!  I recommend using a sugar scrub and a wet washcloth in the shower.

  • Any waxing, manicures, and pedicures should be done at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, not after your spray tan.

  • ​Avoid using any Dove products prior to or after you receive a spray tan.

Day of Appointment
  • Do not wear any lotions, perfumes, or deodorant the day of your appointment.

  • Do not shower right before your appointment.  If you have to shower before, it must be at least four hours before your scheduled time. Showering too close to your session will interfere with development.

  • You can be sprayed in whatever you are comfortable in: swimsuit, underwear, or nude.  Men must wear an undergarment.

  • Wear or bring dark, loose fitting clothes and flip flops to put on after. Pants and a long sleeve t-shirt are best to avoid skin to skin contact while your tan is developing.

Post Tan
  • You MUST rinse off within the instructed time frame given to you by your spray tan technician to ensure proper development.​

  • In your first rinse post tan, use water only and DO NOT wash your hair, shave, or use soap.

  • Moisturize twice daily.

  • Pat yourself dry after showering; do not rub.

  • Avoid long hot showers, baths, and saunas while tanned.​

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